DUA Processing, Cars – Vehicles

We process the DUA of your vehicle quickly and efficiently, so that you can legalize it in traffic.

If you need to regularize your vehicle before Traffic, either by transfer of residence or by purchase-sale / import, we have a fast service to proceed to the office and obtain the DUA, which will allow you to finalize the registration in Traffic.


Regularization and importation of vehicles

DUA processing for transfer of the vehicle to the Peninsula, either by change of residence or by sale of the same.

If you change your address from the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla to the peninsula, you will have to change the circulation permit before Traffic with the requirement of having to present the DUA issued at Customs that justifies the importation or regularization of the vehicle.

DUA processing for the importation of your car or motorcycle at our Barajas airport facilities where we have authorization from the AEAT as a customs warehouse to carry out these procedures.

DUA processing if your vehicle comes from a non-EEC country, such as Switzerland, England, Norway, etc., you must also process DUA before customs to obtain registration in Spain.

If the transfer of the vehicle was for the sale of the same or a transfer, but without causing cancellation at origin, you must pay the corresponding taxes. If you wish, we can inform you of the customs taxes to be paid.

DUA processing Diplomatic vehicles, these vehicles enjoy the exemption granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon request by the corresponding Embassy.

DUA processing Vehicles received by inheritance, or historical, or industrial vehicles, also in the case of these vehicles, we can process the import and obtain the DUA for its regularization or change in Traffic of the circulation permit.

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