International Land Transport

“land transport,the most economical option if it's done right”

International Land Transport

Should you need to carry out an international land transport, at Intercoex we're able to offer you a quality service at a competitive price.

Our network of Agents throughout Europe, enables us to send or collect shipments in any city.

The international land transport is perhaps the most economical option for large shipments or those weighing over 1000 Kgs. For small shipments, it is not very economical as a minimum must be paid and this makes the shipment more expensive.

Intercoex through its agents has weekly international land transport servicesin grouping regime and truckload services across Europe and Morocco.

Nowadays with multimodal land transport, many goods are hauled using 2 different means of transport. This implies the need for an operator such as Intercoex to have in place structures and agreements to handle the goods through several countries with different land, rail or maritime transport routes.

It is required for land transport that the goods be properly packaged, furnishing the weight, measures of the boxes, type of goods, complete address of the loading and delivery points, as well as a name and contact telephone number.