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INTERCOEX a 100% Spanish capital company, which commenced its activity in 1986 in the city of Madrid through the incorporation of recognised professionals in the sector. Our structure, professionalism and lengthy experience enable us to offer a quality service with sufficient guarantee and reliability reason why INTERCOEX is the perfect choice in customs, logistics and transport.

Foreign trade entails extensive administrative procedures, customs clearance, obtaining permits, special complementary services, most suitable transport management, tariff waybills, drafting of documents etc...

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Agente de Aduanas Intercoex

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Customs Agent

We carry out all customs procedures. Intercoex is a licensed Customs Agent.

Air Transport

Intercoex is an official IATA (International Air Transport Association) agent and certified as a safe agent by AESA (European Aviation Safety Agency). We seek out companies that offer greater security at the best price.

Maritime transport

Through the best shipping companies. We study the needs and offer you the best solution. We efficiently manage your maritime transport.

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We study each case and inform and advise you on the feasibility of importing, exporting and/or transport, offering a comprehensive service.

Basic Guide to Start Importing

We are going to try to summarize the main steps when starting to import, whether you are a merchant, an small and médium business or an entrepreneur. Importing is very profitable and it is not necessary to be a large company with many resources, but anyone can benefit from accessing emerging markets that offer merchandise at a very competitive cost. They also enjoy agreements with the EEC so that their exports have preferential treatment in import tariffs in all EEC countries (Spain)

Agente de Aduanas Intercoex

First step, market research and cost analysis

First of all, you must do a market survey to find out that the product you want to import is in demand in Spain and that your purchase costs, plus freight, taxes, warehouse expenses, distribution, etc. Leave you the desired benefit. Also when it comes to electronics or appliances, you will need a technical service that will increase your costs.

The provider

The relationship you have with the supplier will be very important to avoid unnecessary risks. Analyze their activity properly, their image on the internet and try to get references. If you have doubts about its reliability, or the type of product it sells, it is best to contact the chamber of commerce of that country and ask for information about the company.

Get advice before buying

It is advisable to contact a professional Customs Agent who will advise you on the import duties corresponding to the merchandise you wish to import, with the aim of analyzing the feasibility of the purchase and will review the corresponding documentation to carry out the importation in Spain. Throughout the EEC to be able to import products for human consumption, a special authorization is needed.

Freight or transportation cost

The shipment can be made by various means of transport (air cargo, maritime transport, etc.) The cost of freight always affects the final price of the product and this is paid by weight or volume, so if they are shipments of high weight or volume, maritime transport is advisable, in the case of small shipments, air cargo will be better. In case of doubt, you can always delegate this task in the hands of a Customs Agent or freight forwarder, who generally have the infrastructure, knowledge, and experience necessary to carry out this operation with the least possible risk.


Normally, the necessary documentation for customs clearance is the commercial invoice, content list (paking list), shipping documentation (AWB, BL, CMR, etc.), health certificate, Sanitary inspectión for plants or pharmacy if they are products that require inspection at destination and the certificate of origin if you have preferential agreements for the reduction of tariffs.

Way to pay.

One of the most used payments for the supplier is the letter of credit, which ensures compliance with the conditions agreed between both parties. Payment can also be made by transfer, it begins with the production of the merchandise 50% and then upon receiving another 50%. In any case, the amount of the merchandise will always be paid in advance.

Manuel E. Alvarez Garcia
Agente de Aduanas

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